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Do you want to provide the best life possible for your horse? Then All Natural Horse Care will show you how!

We focus on putting the horse's needs first by taking a wholistic approach and allowing him to be a horse - which is by far the best gift you can give him.

For those who have only ever known conventional horse keeping methods, this approach may at first seem to go against almost everything you know. This is because convention methods tend to have developed from the human perspective - things that make it easier for the human, such as blanketing to keep a horse clean, or stabling because we like to live inside so we think the horse does too.

However, this does not meet your horse's physiological needs.

Horses are prey animals who are happiest when living in wide open spaces and in a herd. They don't care about fancy blankets and expensive stalls. They just need the social contact of equals, room to stretch their legs and to be a horse.

By allowing them to do this you will have a horse that is less stressed, more athletic and overall much healthier.

This website aims to provide information about all aspects of natural horse care in one convenient location. That way you can make informed choices easily and you don't have to waste precious time seeking information - time you can spend developing your relationship with your horse instead!

All natural horse care is my passion. For me it has been a wonderful journey and has opened my eyes up to a whole other world that goes way beyond just horses. I would love to share that with you.

You'll be surprised by how just making small changes can dramatically improve not only your horse's quality of life but often his lifespan too.

This website is dedicated to Tuff n Classy Two, my amazing horse who first led me down this path and continues to teach me to grow and help make the world a better place for his fellow equines.


Jenny Edwards

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Jenny Edwards and her horses
Meet me - Jenny Edwards - and my herd - Tuff n Classy Two, Zeus, Charlie, Pip, Montana, Jasper, Sparky, Sophie & Mar
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Natural Horse Health - Information on keeping your horse healthy
Natural Horse Health - your guide to feeding, herbs, alternative therapies and more
Horse Feeding - Information on feeding horses naturally
Horse feeding - The most species appropriate food for your horse is grass or grass hay which is the diet of the natural horse.
Information on horse hoof supplements
Horse hoof supplement - do these supplements really work?
Jiaogulan for horses - Information on the herb Jiaogulan
Find out more here about Jiaogulan for horses, the Chinese herb which is proving to be a very effective herb for horses and ponies prone to laminitis
Natural Boarding - Information on boarding for a healthier horse
A natural lifestyle is key to the horse's physiological health, so here we take a closer look at natural boarding
Paddock Paradise - Information on how to create it
Paddock paradise - the creative way of making a natural boarding setup for healthier, happier horses.
Why Movement is so important to horses
Movement over varied terrain is important for the health of your horse and is especially good for muscles and hooves
Herdlife - Why horses need to be part of a herd
Providing herdlife is a very important aspect of natural horse care
Living Outside Year Round - Why horses should live outdoors year round
Why horses are healthier living outside year round
Horse slow feeder - made from hockey nets
Horse slow feeder - a creative way of slowing down your horse's hay consumption.
Slow Feeding Horses
Slow feeding horses - the Drury healthy horse feeders enable you to regulate your horse's hay intake.
Natural Boarding Directory - Locate a natural boarding facility for your horse
Natural Boarding Directory for Canada and the US
Natural Boarding Directory Canada
Natural boarding directory Canada - list of boarding facilities in Canada
Natural Boarding Directory United States
Natural Boarding Directory United States - list of natural boarding facilities in the US
Hobby Farm for Sale
Looking to find a Hobby Farm For Sale? Then you've come to the right place.
Hobby Farm For Sale Canada
Hobby Farm for Sale Canada - Listing of equine properties available throughout Canada, sorted by Province
Hobby Farm For Sale Alberta Canada
Hobby Farm For Sale Alberta Canada - listings of equine properties, farms and ranches
Hobby Farm For Sale British Columbia
Hobby Farm For Sale British Columbia - Listing of properties available
Grazing Muzzle - Beat Laminitis
Grazing Muzzle - Help regulate your horse's grass intake by using a grazing muzzle
Hoof boots - Number one resource for all makes and models
Hoof Boots - The most comprehensive listing on the net. Review and compare all the different types of boots available for your horse.
Laminitis in horses
Laminitis in horses is an extremely painful and debilitating condition but it does not have to be a death sentence.
Farrier Kingston Ontario - Are you looking for a Barefoot Trimmer?
Farrier Kingston Ontario - specializing in fixing common hoof problems such as flares, cracks, laminitis and navicular.
Hoof Trimming Clinic Ontario - Learn about Barefoot trimming in Ontario
Hoof Trimming Clinic Ontario - Learn all about hooves and how to trim your horse's hooves by attending a trimming clinic in Ontario
Natural Hoof Trimming Benefits
Natural Hoof Trimming - everything you need to know, from trim styles to common disorders
Horse Hoof Trimming - Hoof Photos
Horse Hoof Trimming - Photo gallery showing how natural trimming restores health to a horse's feet
Equine Hoof Problems
Is your horse experiencing equine hoof problems? Would you like to get an independent assessment to help get to the route of the problem?
Corrective Hoof Trimming - Restoring physiologically correct hoof form
Corrective hoof trimming - learn how to assess balance in your horses hooves
Barefoot hoof diagrams
Detailed barefoot hoof diagrams showing the structures of the hoof
Hoof Education - What makes a good hoof?
Hoof Education - What makes a good hoof?
Laminitis success stories - Inspiring stories about horses who have survived laminitis
Laminitis success stories - Inspiring stories about horses who have survived laminitis
Laminitis Case Study - Mary
Laminitis Case Study - Documenting Mary, our latest rescue, who had chronic laminitis, rotation and sinking
Horse Hoof Abscess - understanding and dealing with abscesses
Horse Hoof Abscess - An abscess in the hoof can be extremely painful for the horse and scary for the owner
Homemade Hoof Jack
How to make a cheap homemade hoof jack - Step-by-step instructions with clear photos on how to make a homemade hoof stand in an instantly downloadable ebook
Tendon Case Study - Cinderella
Tendon Case Study - Documenting Cinderella, a mini rescue with lax tendons and malnutrition.
Information about Applied Equine Podiatry
Applied Equine Podiatry - All Natural Horse Care provides you with a preview of the various trim methods available to you
Information on Barefoot for Soundness
Barefoot for Soundness by Marjorie Smith - All Natural Horse Care provides you with a preview of the various trim methods available to you and your horse
Information on Gene Ovnicek and his natural balance trim method
Gene Ovnicek is a pioneer in the study of wild horse hoof form and function - find out more on All Natural Horse Care
The LIM Trim - Information on the Less Is More (LIM) trim style
Description of the LIM trim (Less is More barefoot trim) style developed by Walter Friedrich
Information on Pete Ramey's trim style
Background and information on Pete Ramey's style of barefoot trimming
Equine Jogging Shoe - Now available in Canada and the US
North American distributor of the revolutionary Equine Jogging Shoe - money back satisfaction guarantee
Information on natural horsemanship
Natural Horsemanship - gaining a stronger, deeper relationship with your horse
Horse Round Pen Techniques
Horse Round Pen - Learn all about the horse round pen and it's uses in developing a strong bond with your horse
Clicker Training Horses - Information on Clicker Training Horses
Clicker Training Horses is a fun, non-threatening method you can use to train your horse
Round Pen For Sale
Round Pen for sale - Clear coat galvanized round pens for sale at great prices
All Natural Horse Care Blog
Keep up-to-date with developments at All Natural Horse Care via the blog
ANHC Book on Horse Care
All Natural Horse Care Ebook - Our book on horse care has over 100 pages of information and diagrams in an instantly downloadable ebook
All Natural Horse Care Ebook
All Natural Horse Care Ebook - Over 100 pages of information and diagrams in a downloadable pdf ebook
All Natural Horse Care Site Search
All Natural Horse Care Site Search
Natural Horse Magazines
Information on the various Natural Horse Magazines available
Horse Facts - Interesting Natural Facts about Horses
Horse Facts - Test your knowledge of horses with these interesting facts
Horse Care Glossary - Find the meaning of that term in our horse care glossary
Natural Horse Care Glossary - Ever wondered what the meaning of a natural horse care term is? Here's where you can find all the answers.
Horse Pictures - Share photos of your horse
Horse Pictures - Share photos of your natural horse
FREE horse coloring pages
Print off and color away with these FREE horse coloring pages from All Natural Horse Care
Wild Horse Pictures - Cool photos of Wild Horses
Wild Horse Pictures - Stunning photos of mustang horses
Baby Horses - Cool photos of Wild Horse Foals
Baby Horses - Stunning photos of foals
Performance Bare Foot Horses in Action
Looking for information on performance bare foot horses? Here we show horses successfully competing at high levels in many different equine disciplines.
Horse Hoof Anatomy revealed via Dissection Photos
Photographs of a hoof dissection showing the internal horse hoof anatomy.

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Natural Horse Lifestyle

Natural Hoofcare

Natural Horse Training

What's New?

Oct 28, 2015

Equine Jogging Shoe - Now available in Canada and the US

North American distributor of the revolutionary Equine Jogging Shoe - money back satisfaction guarantee

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Aug 25, 2015

hobby farm kingston ontario

53 acre hobby farm near kingston ontario

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Jul 14, 2015

Paddock Paradise - Information on how to create it

Paddock paradise - the creative way of making a natural boarding setup for healthier, happier horses.

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May 07, 2015

Hobby Farm For Sale Ontario

hobby farm for sale ontario

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Nov 18, 2014


I found Lieutenant up the road severely neglected. After 6 months of TLC I'm so proud of just how far he has come. He is an angel who didn't deserve

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Nov 18, 2014

Missouri, Mansfield - 7 Springs Farm

7 Springs Farm can be your horse's dream retirement getaway, whether you have a trusty trail horse, a show horse, an eventer, or a racehorse who is ready

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"When I discovered Jenny Edwards of All Natural Horse Care it was like finding the pot of gold at the end of a rainbow!

Without a doubt Jenny possesses more experience and knowledge in all areas of the natural horse than anyone out there. Just look at this website.

She is meticulous and generous in creating accurate, up to date information for us all to learn from. And then having the privilege to see her conduct a clinic, Jenny proved to be a patient, understanding teacher who has a gift for helping horses and people.

With kindness in heart I have witnessed her precision trimming create amazing results. If you are fortunate to live in her trimming service area, gosh, I envy you!

And Jenny's talents don't end there. From assisting me in designing and building my website to helping me with a difficult hoof problem she demonstrated an unsurpassed expertise that is hard to find these days.

Jenny is a leading edge expert who is contributing to the horse world in a huge positive way!"

Elaine Polny, Ontario

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