Equine Jogging Shoe

The Equine Jogging Shoe has been designed to allow the hoof to function as naturally as possible and has a totally flexible rubber sole, making it the first boot of its kind.

  • Increased stability for hoof wall
  • Better dampening on hard surfaces for sensitive hooves
  • More center flexibility for maximum frog pressure, improved balance & break over
  • Less traction on asphalt to allow sliding phase of hind legs
  • Red/black and black/black colour options
  • Sizes 10-15
  • NEW! The All Terrain Ultra - same upper as the regular Ultra but with the All Terrain sole which gives added protection and grip

Fore more information on the Ultras click here

Fitting Video for the Ultra Model

The NEW Active Jogging Shoe has a new and improved upper combined with the thicker All Terrain sole to offer more protection and durability.

  • New and intelligent, patented Velcro fastening system
  • No straps
  • Safe and secure
  • Easy to use - on and off within seconds
  • Superb durability - high strength carbon-look material
  • Thicker sole with new sole pattern
  • Increased size range 7-16 including Slim sizes
  • Available in Black, sold as pairs

Fore more information on the Actives click here

The All Terrain Sole being put to the ultimate test!

Equine Jogging Shoe Dampening Pads

The Dampening Pad provides additional comfort to your horse.

Designed along the same principles as the shoes, they maintain the flexibility, dampening and biomechanical properties of the shoe.

There is very little deformation during usage which make the pad very durable.

The pads are approx 4mm (1/8") thick and come in sizes 7 through 16).

FREE shipping for the pads when ordered with a pair of boots.

Felt Pads

The Felt Pads are great for situations where you need to wick moisture away from the hoof whilst adding extra cushioning. They are also helpful in stabilizing the boot when the fit is not quite perfect.

They are 6mm thick, grey in color and can be cut to size.

Equine Jogging Shoe Studs

The Equine Fusion Regular Stud Kit is specifically designed for the Ultra and Ultimate Jogging Shoes. The All Terrain Stud Kit is for the All Terrain Jogging Shoes. Both sets of studs are easy to fit and provide extra traction for snow, ice and slippery mud conditions without compromising the unique properties of the jogging shoes.

Velcro Cleaning Brush

Helps you to easily remove debris from your velcro fastenings to keep it in perfect condition and prolong the life of your boots.

See how it works in the video below:

Equine Jogging Shoe Sizing

Measure the length of the hoof from the toe to the heel buttress. If the horse has very low heels you may need to measure to the back of the heel bulbs.

Measure the width at the widest point of the hoof.

  • Measure the length of the hoof from the toe to heel buttress. Measure the width of the hoof at the widest point.
  • For a hoof that measures 11 cm long, choose the size 11 boot. If it measures 12 cm, choose the size 12 boot and if it measures 13 cm choose the size 13 boot etc.
  • If the length measurement is between sizes choose the nearest size boot. For example if the hoof measures 13.5 cm or above, choose the size 14 boot. If it measures less than 13.5 cm choose the size 13 boot.
  • If the hoof is wider than it is long then you will need to choose the size that corresponds to the width. So for a hoof that is 12cm long and 12.5cm wide you would need the size 13 boot.
  • If the hoof is narrow you may need the SLIM version.

Please use the contact form below if you need help with the measurements. A photo of each hoof with a ruler in place for both the width and length measurement is very helpful to ensure the correct size is selected - see example below.

Size Length Width
7 6.6cm - 7.5cm (2 5/8 - 2 15/16") up to 7cm (2 3/4")
7 Slim 6.6cm - 7.5cm (2 5/8 - 2 15/16") up to 6cm (2 3/8")
8 7.6cm - 8.5cm ( 3 - 3 3/8") up to 8cm (3 1/8")
8 Slim 7.6cm - 8.5cm ( 3 - 3 3/8") up to 7cm (2 3/4")
9 8.6cm - 9.5cm (3 3/8 - 3 3/4") up to 9cm (3 9/16")
9 Slim 8.6cm - 9.5cm (3 3/8 - 3 3/4") up to 8cm (3 1/8")
10 9.6cm - 10.5cm (3 3/4 - 4 1/8") up to 10cm (3 15/16")
10 Slim 9.6cm - 10.5cm (3 3/4 - 4 1/8") up to 9cm (3 9/16")
11 10.6cm - 11.5cm (4 3/16 - 4 1/2") up to 11cm (4 5/16")
11 Slim 10.6cm - 11.5cm (4 3/16 - 4 1/2") up to 10cm (3 15/16")
12 11.6cm - 12.5cm (4 9/16 - 4 15/16") up to 12cm (4 3/4")
12 Slim 11.6cm - 12.5cm (4 9/16 - 4 15/16") up to 11cm (4 5/16")
13 12.6cm - 13.5cm (4 15/16 - 5 5/16") up to 13cm (5 1/8")
13 Slim 12.6cm - 13.5cm (4 15/16 - 5 5/16") up to 12cm (4 3/4")
14 13.6cm - 14.5cm (5 3/8 - 5 11/16") up to 14cm (5 1/2")
14 Slim 13.6cm - 14.5cm (5 3/8 - 5 11/16") up to 13cm (5 1/8")
15 14.6cm - 15.5cm (5 3/4 - 6 1/8") up to 15cm (5 15/16")
15 Slim 14.6cm - 15.5cm (5 3/4 - 6 1/8") up to 14cm (5 1/2")
16 15.6cm - 16.5cm (6 1/8 - 6 1/2") up to 16cm (6 5/16")
16 Slim 15.6cm - 16.5cm (6 1/8 - 6 1/2") up to 15cm (5 15/16")

Need more information?

For more detailed information on the Jogging Shoe range please visit our dedicated Jogging Shoe website: www.equinejoggingshoes.com



Equine Jogging Shoe

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Very good grip in the snow...the Ultra have the best grip we ever had with hoofshoes and because of the flexible sole the snow can't build up underneath - Manu Volk

Deep mud - no problem! - MaryAnne

The video was wonderful, and I truly appreciate the time and effort you put into answering my questions  - Ginny

My Horse Absolutely Loves Them! - Christine

I am so happy I gave this boot a try - thanks for your patience and offering this product and on the trial basis. I would not have been confident enough to purchase the boots outright due to their price tag, the trial was perfect! - Nicole

Overall, I really like the Fusions. So far they have been relatively easy to apply and remove and my horse moves comfortably and securely in them on all types of footing -

I put them on my foundered mare everyday for turnout as her sole is very flat. They are easy to take off and put on, no rubbing and lightweight. They wash up very nicely in the washing machine. They have helped my mare be so much more comfortable. Both my farrier and vet think they are great. Thanks - Roberta

I used them on my mare for 1 year of hoof rehab. The great thing about the boot is that it is so light-weight and breathable so I can leave it on 24/7 -Tina

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Sizing Chart

Jogging shoe sizing chart

Jogging Shoe sizing chart

- download and print off to measure the size of your horse's hooves.