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Below is our natural boarding directory sorted by country and state/province.

One of the hardest things can be to find a great boarding facility for your beloved horse. Many barns are still run in a traditional manner, which is generally not designed for the horses' benefit.

Keeping horses imprisioned in stalls, employing sporadic feeding practices, feeding unnatural diets and the list goes on.

Horses are happiest when they are treated like horses and their unique 'horse' traits are acknowledged. As prey animals they need the company of equals to feel safe. They need to be able to touch and play with other horses to satisfy their social nature. They need to be eating small amounts of forage on all the time so that their digestion can function properly. They need space to roam to keep their hooves and bodies healthy.

An ideal setup would be based on the paddock paradise system. Whilst still not commonly available, there are more boarding facilities that are starting to implement this method of horse care. Based on studies of how horses live in the wild, It provides a more stimulating environment for the horse and encourages movement.

Please make sure you verify credentials and seek out references prior to chosing a boarding facility for your horse.

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