Pete Ramey

Pete Ramey started out as a shoeing farrier in 1994. He was trained by a local farrier and studied farrier texts. He soon became aware of the lack of actual hoof knowledge and trimming instructions contained within the farrier texts. Also how there was very little information on dealing with pathological hooves, so he started reading veterinary textbooks and picking the brains of farriers and vets. However he still could not find the answers.

In 1998 he was shown some barefoot texts and internet printouts and he quickly realised that the answers he was seeking were coming to light. His shoeing abilities improved with this new found knowledge and six months later he started experimenting with barefoot techniques on his own horse. Soon after he was blown away by the results he was getting with twenty trail horses at a public riding facility who were averaging twenty miles a day barefoot over rocky ground. Their overall health was improving as well as their endurance and traction.

His main interest was to work on lameness rehabilitation and so he started to give presentations of his case studies to the local vet hospitals and he bought lame horses from the "killer market" to take home and rehab. As word of his success spread his business grew until he was taking care of up to 800 horses and teaching hoof clinics all over the world.

In 2000, he wrote his first book "Making Natural Hoofcare Work for You", which was well received due to it being written in a clear and straightforward way with lots of photos.

Pete has also written a load of great articles which complement the book and are available for free - I highly recommend reading them. Click here to view them.

To visit Pete's website - which has lots of great photos of hooves before and after trimming click here (opens in a new window)

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