Jenny Edwards and The Herd

Jenny Edwards

My name is Jenny Edwards and I am the owner and creator of All Natural Horse Care.

I have been involved with horses most of my life and have competed in many different disciplines including the European Championship for Western Riding.

I started out my career working at a large riding stables, where I was introduced to many different horse activities including: English (dressage, cross-country, show jumping, showing, quarter horse racing and general pleasure riding) and Western (showmanship, horsemanship, pleasure, trail, western riding, reining and trail riding) styles; breeding; teaching and training (both English and Western).

In 1990 I decided to undertake a career change as I wanted to spend more time with my own animals so I retrained, becoming a graphic designer.

I was born in Canada, but lived in the UK for the majority of my life, until in 2005 I decided to move back to Canada with my three horses - Tuff n Classy Two, Charlie and Pip, plus my two cats and two dogs - to fulfill my dream of having my own farm.

I have always been of the opinion that all animals in our care should lead as natural a life as possible, but I really got into the 'natural' horse movement after my horse Tuffy was lamed by a farrier in 2000. After trying and failing to fully recover his health with traditional methods for treating the ensuing laminitis and rotation I came across the barefoot movement. This journey opened me up to so many wonderful experiences and I have never looked back.

Since 2000 I have been learning all I can about barefoot trimming methods and practiced for 15 years as a hoofcare professional. I also partnered with Paige Poss and created Anatomy of the Equine, a company that produces high quality educational material.

I currently have seven horses who live as natural a life as possible. I keep them all barefoot and ride in treeless saddles and bitless bridles. They eat a natural grass (and grass hay) diet with a custom mineral supplement and are only wormed when necessary. I do not have them routinely vaccinated, apart from a ten-yearly tetanus shot.

Jenny Edwards' Horses

Tuff n Classy Two (Tuffy)

Tuffy is a Canadian born Quarter Horse x Appaloosa. He's a light palomino with a white blanket and ginger spots - although you'd never know it most of the time as he is a mud monster!

He has owned my heart since the moment I met him in 1993. He is my inspiration and pushes me to continue learning so that I can help horses everywhere.

No amount of money could make me part with him - but then as anyone who really knows me would attest, no amount of money would make me part with any of my animals.


Pip is a piebald shetland pony. He was suffering from very bad laminitis and had metabolic issues (see pic opposite) when I adopted him back in 2001. He was around 10 at the time and had had laminitis for many years and his feet were in a really bad condition.

The top pic shows him the day he arrived and his posture and attitude reflect how uncomfortable he was. The bottom pic shows him in 2006 - gone is the depressed pony from 2001 - and his posture has improved dramatically.

Pip wears a grazing muzzle during the summer so that he can stay out with his herd buddies but not eat too much because the sugars in grass trigger his laminitis.

Charlie Brown

Charlie was a small chestnut shetland pony with a huge cheeky character.

He was with me since 1996 when I rescued him after his previous owners abandoned him when they moved to the city. He also suffered with laminitis in the past.

He didn't approve of being ridden or doing much in the way of work but was a joy to have around. He was a great companion to the rehab rescue horses.

Unfortunately Charlie passed away suddenly in September 2008 - he is sorely missed.


Zeus came to me as a rescue from the OSPCA. I am not sure what his breeding is but I think he is Percheron/Canadian x. He had spent the majority of his life in a tiny stall where he could barely turn around. When he was found his head was touching the roof of his stall because he was stood on so much manure.

He was still a stallion and had been abused so was extremely wary of people. I initially fostered him, but decided that I could not let him go as he had suffered too much already.

The pictures below show his progress from Feb 2006 (the day he arrived) to May 2006. Isn't it amazing what TLC can do! His feet were awful and I doubt they had ever been trimmed.


Montana is a Paint x TB who was born in 2004. He HAS to be involved in whatever you are doing and is the most sociable horse I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. I got him from a local sale barn and he was a bit of an unknown quantity, but he is such a sweetheart.

He has never had shoes on so has lovely, uncontracted feet.

He has a beautiful floating stride and also a great turn of speed.

He loves to play and will bug all the other horses until someone plays with him. He is a great motivator.


Jasper was a 27 year old Quarter Horse who came to me in September 2006 after being written off by his farrier and vet who suggested that if he hadn't improved by Christmas he should be put down. He had chronic laminitis as a result of being left to fend for himself in a field for six years. Despite regular conventional vet and farrier care they were unable to get him sound.

His feet were awful with lots of rotation and had been allowed to grow forward. The heels were too high which was contributing to the rotation and the separation in the white line at the toe was about 2cm. He also had separation in the quarters from flares that had not been addressed.

Unfortunately I had to make the hard decision to put Jasper to sleep in Nov 09 after he suffered a kick from one of the other horses. The kick itself did not do any serious damage but it was the start of his steady decline - he is now frolicking happily with his best friend Charlie on the other side of Rainbow Bridge. I miss you both.

Spark in the Dark

Sparky is an 14 year old, leopard spot appaloosa. He was diagnosed with navicular disease and a fracture of the navicular bone in Aug 2007 and had been treated with bar shoes and pasture rest for a year. His owner decided to retire him as a companion as he was still not 100% sound. I took him in to see if we could restore him back to full health.

Within a year he was completely sound barefoot on all terrain - way to go Sparky!

Mountain View Sophie

I rescued Sophie in June 2009 and she was suffering from chronic laminitis. The first picture was taken the day she arrived when she was in a lot of pain and could barely walk - note the laminitic stance with front legs out in front of her chest. With weekly trimming and tight dietary control - she wears a grazing muzzle when on pasture - she improved dramatically. She is now 100% sound.

Sophie has taken over Charlie's role as the escape artist - at only 29 inches she likes to try and get under the fences!


I rescued Mary in October 2011 after suffering for over eight years with chronic laminitis. The picture was taken the day she arrived and as you can see she was extremely fat. Her hooves were in terrible shape and xrays revealed severe damage to her coffin bone. She was immediately put on a diet and her feet were trimmed correctly and I put her in boots 24/7.

The bottom photo was taken in July 2012 and shows her at her ideal weight. She continues to improve and you can read more about her here. She is a very sweet mare and is very fond of Sophie.

Update: I had to make the hard decision to euthanize Mary in the fall of 2014, RIP sweet mare.

Jenny Edwards - The Other Animals

I also have five dogs (three Great Pyrenees and two lab crosses) and six cats - again all rescues.

Danko & Bruin





Chi Chi

Ossie & Jedda



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