Smart Soaking Boot

The Smart Soaking Boot is made of ballistic nylon with waterproof seals and includes a comfort disk that adds durability to the base. It has an easy open front and the ergonomic design enables it to stand up on it's own when filled with water.

There is a velcro closure and a control strap which helps when putting the boot on and taking it off.

The manufacturer, Giddyap Girls also makes a vapor boot that is specifically designed for use with Chlorine Dioxide treatments. Visit their website by clicking here for more info.


The boot comes in just one size - 13" (33cm) high x 9.5" (24cm) width at base - but has an ample opening for multiple sized hooves.


Approx $59.95 (US) each. Alternatively eBay often has some great bargains - see right hand sidebar for current deals.

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