Simple Boot

The Simple Boot by Cavallo is made of a leather upper with a Softee leather foam-filled collar for comfort around the top. The sole is made of a high performance thermo plastic urethane compound and has an all-terrain tread pattern to minimize mud build-up and a recessed center to minimize pressure. The inside of the sole also has a 0.6mm raised rim to provide sole relief for the hoof. The boot fastens at the front with industrial grade velcro closures.

They are constructed to be durable with rustproof metal and waterproof thread and have built-in drainage.

These boots are very durable and very reasonably priced however I find the back of the boot very stiff and restrictive and as a result can lead to rubbing of the horse's pastern. There is a pastern wrap available which can help prevent the rubbing issue.

Also the velcro needs to be kept very clean otherwise it looses its sticking ability. The straps tend to be the first thing to go with these hoof boots.


  • The sole of the hoof should fit securely inside the boot sole. Ensure that the entire weight-bearing wall from front of toe to heel buttress sits within the Simple Boot outsole. It may be helpful to compare the outside raised tread area at the bottom of the boot to the weight-bearing length of the hoof sole.
  • Ensure that the boot tongue is pushed firmly against the hoof. Draw the outer flaps firmly around the hoof, pressing the Velcro on the flaps against the Velcro on the tongue; keep taut and level.
  • If the boot twists or moves excessively, it may be too big or the outer cover may be loosely fastened.
  • If you have difficulty putting the boot on, it may be too small. Ideally the boot "snaps" nicely onto the hoof for a good fit. Please check your measurements against the chart above.
  • PASTERN WRAPS may be used to assist in the breaking-in process to prevent chafing.
  • ONCE THE BOOT IS FITTED, if the strap extends beyond the nylon keeper, then you can cut the strap to the preferred length, leaving a line of stitching to prevent unraveling.


Simple Boots are available in 7 sizes (0-6). Before you take hoof measurements, please ensure your horse has an accurate trim. The boots allow for growth in between regular trims.

The boot sizes are calculated by hoof length only. However you should also measure the width because if the width exceeds the length by more than one size these boots may not be suitable for your horse.

Important Size Notes: If your horse is between sizes, go to the larger size.

4" - 4 1/14" (102-109mm)
4 5/16" - 4 9/16" (110-117mm)
4 5/8" - 4 7/8" (118-125mm)
4 15/16" - 5 3/16" (126-133mm)
5 1/4" - 5 1/2" (134-141mm)
5 9/16" - 5 13/16" (142-149mm)
5 7/8" - 6 1/8" (150-157mm)


$145.00 (US) per pair.

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