Pennsylvania (SW) - Midland

by Mary Fedorchak
(Midland, PA)

Horse Around Acres

Our boarding facility was designed with the horse's health and well being in mind. We believe that a horse is healthier and happier in an environment that is as close as we can make it to what nature intended. Your horse can make the decision where the most comfortable spot is (in the sun, away from a draft or in an aisle with a breeze). Who could know better than the horse? Although this may mean the horse may be more difficult to catch and groom, we believe the benefits to the horse's health and attitude outweigh these inconveniences. The effects of COPD can and have been diminished or eliminated. Therefore, except when necessary (at feeding, if a horse is recuperating or if the farrier or vet is coming), the horses are in a constant "free-choice state." Our horses can come and go, in and out of their stalls, as they please. We do close them in stalls while feeding to make sure no horse gets pushed out of his food.

Additional features:

60' x 120' indoor ring
100' x 124' outdoor ring
70' diameter round pen
10' x 12' stalls
LOTS of trails
Safe fencing
Fly predators released for fly control
5 separate herd groups, 2 with rotated pastures
Water heated in winter
Natural hoof care practitioner
Main hay storage away from barn (dust and fire hazard)

Horse Around Acres has been in business since 1986--continuously under one ownership. Owners live on premises.

Tel: 724-643-8474

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Apr 19, 2011
Excellent facility for boarding or riding
by: Ingrid Albrecht


My name is Ingrid Albrecht and I teach at Horse Around Acres and just love the facility, layout and care that is provide for both horse and rider. The boarders at Horse Around Acres are also very friendly and there is such a great atmosphere every time I come to visit for lessons.

There is an indoor ring with sand footing that Mary (owner) maintains for the riders and horses to use. Horse Around has poles, cones, barrels and jump standards available. In addition, there is an outdoor ring with grass footing that is great to school on for those who are interested in schooling over jumps for cross country or just for pleasure. There are miles and miles of trails and hills to help work on building up your horses endurance.

The fields are green with grass and horses turned out all the time which is great and hard to find. Yet, the stalls are open for any horse to come in from the weather if needed. The facility is a unique and open design to accommodate the horse to their comfort. Further more, she offers plenty of hay and grain in addition to turn out so they stay healthy and fit for riding.

Horse Around Acres will be offering a variety of fun equestrian events, such as: Western/English/Jumping/Dressage schooling shows, clinics, and educational equine lectures. We are also hoping to add a small cross country course within the year.

I recommend Horse Around Acres for the novice to advance riders that are looking for a well rounded horse care boarding facility.

Happy trails!

-Ingrid Albrecht

Apr 18, 2011
Boarding at HAA
by: Sarah

I have been boarding my Arab gelding at Horse Around Acres ( for four years now. We both are very happy with the accomodations and care.

My gelding has no vices, is easy to catch (actually he comes to me). The grooming, because he loves his spa mud bath daily, can be tiresome during the 'mud seaons' in the fall and spring. But, I would rather have him muddy and happy, then locked in a stall, unhappy and clean.

I love the round pen, because when I bought my gelding he was an untrained 4 year old, and I used it extensively. The outdoor arena is nice to warm up your horse prior to workingout in the fields, and the indoor is a God send during the winter months. And, if you are a trail rider, you can not beat the trail system!

We have a wonderful riding instructor who gives lessons on Saturday. Ingrid knows horse, knows riding, and knows many disciplines. Plus she is gentle with riders and horses alike. No yelling, no drama.

If you want pristine conditions, i.e. mud free horses, bedded stalls, pastures with grass up to your knees, and no turn out time for your horse, this is NOT for you. If you like your horse being a horse, then come see how we deal with our horses, and sit and visit with a beer!

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