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Monty Roberts, The Man Who Listens to Horses

Monty Roberts

As a child, Monty Roberts witnessed horses being "broken" by traditional, violent methods and also experienced abuse from his father which led him to look for kinder ways to deal with horses.

He spent a lot of time studying how horses behave in the wild and how they respond in the herd situation.

This led him to experiment with using the horse's natural instincts in ways that he could start to build an understanding and communicate with the horse in it's own language - which he terms "Equus" and which earned him the title of the horse whisperer.

His Join-Up© method developed from this and he has been internationally successful in demonstrating this way of starting and re-starting (he does not use the term 'Breaking") horses.

He has had an illustrious career, highlights of which include:

I highly recommend his books, some of which are available for loan at your local library. Alternatively you can buy them from Amazon by clicking on the images in the column on the right.

Monty continues to tour the world to demonstrate his non-violent methods. For more information visit:
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