Missouri, Mansfield - 7 Springs Farm

by William
(Mansfield, MO USA)

7 Springs Farm can be your horse's dream retirement getaway, whether you have a trusty trail horse, a show horse, an eventer, or a racehorse who is ready for retirement! Our retirees enjoy their days out in lush pastures with their herd mates, and if you choose, your horse can have a stall for nights with plenty of shavings. We give every horse lots of love & attention!

Each of our turnout pastures are between 10 and 50 acres on our 640 acre farm. We have excellent grass forage almost year round, and for the winter time we bail our own quality organic hay that is an orchard grass/clover mix.

Horses are grouped depending on their personality and activity level. The number of horses per pasture is anywhere from 3 – 7. Once your horse has bonded with a group of horses we try not to separate them.

Our location is ideal for the retired horse because the Ozarks have milder winters than the north and cooler and less humid summers than the south. Here at 7 Springs Farm, your horse can be a horse again!

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