Marquis Supergrip Boot

The Marquis Supergrip Boot is made in Germany by Dr Helmut Marquis.

They are unique in that the fit is attained using air chambers that you pump up after placing the boot on the hoof. These chambers hug the bulbs of the hoof, holding the boot firmly, and comfortably, in place. They provide an optimal fit and enable adaption to differences in size and shape which means the fit will adapt as the hoof remodels during the transition phase.

Also the front of the boot can accommodate various toe angles through it's unique design.

After studying the gliding and stopping characteristics of the bare hoof the Marquis' synthestic sole was developed to closely match those characteristics.

All parts are replaceable including the sole and there are removeable studs available for extra traction and a sliding plate is being developed for reiners.

The boot comes in black as standard but there is also a flourescent yellow special edition available for safety in poor light conditions.


A heel height of between 1 - 1 9/16" (25-40mm) is the ideal range for this boot. The air chambers can be adjusted if the heel is higher such as in the case of a club foot.

3 12/16" - 4 8/16" (95-114mm)
4 8/16" - 4 13/16" (115-122mm)
4 14/16" - 5 3/16" (123-132mm)
5 4/16" - 5 8/16" (133-140mm)
5 9/16" - 5 14/16" (141-149mm)
5 15/16" - 6 4/16" (150-158mm)


The boots normally retail for approx $299 (US) per pair.

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