Mark Rashid

Mark Rashid is an internationally acclaimed horse trainer based in Estes Park, Colorado. He has been working with horses since he was 10 years old after meeting the "old man" (his mentor and a character who features strongly in his first few books). The old man taught Mark to work with the horse, not against it and to listen to what the horse is trying to say.

He worked full time on ranches gathering herds, training horses and managing stock and still likes to do this on ranches near his home when time permits.

Mark continues to look to understand the horse's point of view and aims to solve problems through communication rather than force. He does this using his training idea of "passive leadership" - based on the type of herd leader who leads by example as opposed to the alpha horse that rules through dominance. Passive leaders are dependable from one day to the next and the other herd members can respect them because they are consistent.

Mark Rashid - Clinics

His clinics are held around the world and Mark works with both the horse and rider in a one-on-one session.

He also studies the martial art of aikido to help his horsemanship and brings his quiet determination to everything he does. One of his workshops, called Aikido for Horsemen, focuses on the development of self confidence; creating openings and connections with both humans and horses; rider fitness; developing feel, timing, balance and breath; as well as self protection in the event of a fall or attack.

Mark has been on NRP's The Horse Show and also featured in the PBS Nature series. Over the years Mark has written nine books: Considering the Horse; A Good Horse is Never a Bad Color; Horses Never Lie; Life Lessons from a Ranch Horse; Horsemanship Through Life; Big Horses, Good Dogs and Straight Fences; In the Company of Horses; A Life with Horses; and Out of the Wild all of which I highly recommend reading.

He also has a range of DVDs including:

  • Understanding Foot-Fall
  • Ground Driving 101
  • Finding the Try
  • Groundwork Vol 1
  • Developing Softness in the Rider
  • Sitting the Trot
  • A Journey to Softness

Mark also has a solo music CD called Song of the Prairie and is in a local band called the Elktones.

For more information visit his website:

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