by levi bender

On a random day i get a phone call. Its a farmer and he says "My horse killed one of cows and im looking to get rid of it. Do you know anyone that will take my horse?". I said "Bring him over i will take him".

The next day he had loaded him up and taken him to my house. When he had unloaded the horse i told him to leave. The horse was in rough shape. I could see every rib and his spine all the way down was flat. I immediately gave him food and water. The vet received a call and came to my house right away. He said "keep food, grain, and water under him 24/7. If he doesn't make it in a week im sorry".

Now i have put a lot of time into that horse named Lucky. He is one of the most stubborn awesome horses i have ever met in my life. He especially loves scratches and is not afraid to lean into them.

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