Hoof Wraps Soaker Boot

The Hoof Wraps Soaker boot is made of professional grade, thick shell, ballistic nylon with a coated nylon liner.

Suitable for treating abscesses, thrush, yeast and fungal infections, puncture wounds, foot bruising, laminitis and white line disease.

  • it's lightweight
  • it's collapsible
  • it has 3 fastening points for a snugger fit on the hoof
  • it comes with two EVA foam pads and an extra strap

Soaker Sack

Soaker Sacks are 18" (45cm) tall X 12" (30cm) wide so they'll fit most hoof sizes.  They can be used for soaking or icing treatments.  

Use as a stand-alone soaking solution
or use them as a protective liner with the original Hoof Wraps Brand Soaker
for longer life and easy clean up. 

Made with a heavy 12 mil thick soft vinyl material.

Each kit contains 2 Soaker Sacks, 2 EZ straps and 1 EVA foam pad. 

$18 US


The boot can fit hoof sizes up to 6” (15cm) in diameter.


Approx $34.95 (US) each. Visit the Hoof Wraps website to purchase.

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