Hoof Trimming Clinic Ontario

One day clinic  | 6-10 students

Please note: I am no longer offering clinics in Ontario as I am now living in BC

The hoof trimming clinic ontario offers you the chance to learn about hooves and barefoot hoofcare including how to perform a maintenance trim on your own horse.

More and more horses are experiencing hoof problems these days, many of which could be avoided by following a more natural approach to hoof care. No Hoof, No Horse has never been more true.

Navicular, Laminitis and Insulin Resistance are on the increase but this clinic will teach you many ways in which you can lower the risks (and lessen vet bills!) for your horse.

Correct hoof form, based on Mother Nature's design, goes a long way towards this. Subtle differences in trim methods can help restore hooves to their original healthy state.

You will also learn the best methods of horse keeping that allow your horse to be healthier, happier and fitter.

Topics covered in the hoof trimming clinic ontario:

  • anatomy of the hoof and its role and function
  • how to assess the health of the hooves
  • learn why it is SO important to provide proper hoof care and living conditions especially in young horses and how this foundation leads to a longer working life for your horse
  • how to recognise and deal with common hoof related ailments such as abscesses, cracks, thrush, white line disease, laminitis, side bone and navicular
  • how to provide your horse with a more natural environment
  • how to spot imbalances before they cause problems
  • the differences between a regular farrier trim and the barefoot trim and how these often subtle differences can make a huge improvement in the health of the hooves
  • transitioning a horse from shoes
  • the role of boots and pads
  • use of trimming tools
  • how to perform a maintenance trim so that you can help maintain your horse's hooves between visits by your hoofcare professional

Cost: $140 per person (HST included)

non refundable and must be prepaid at least 10 days in advance to secure your place

Upcoming Clinic Dates

October 18th 2014 - Inverary, Nr Kingston, Ontario

These clinics fill up fast, so to ensure your place book now.

Click here to go to the booking form

Payment can be made by cash or cheque or if you want to use a credit card then you can do so online using Paypal.

If the clinic of your choice is fully booked, you can't make the current dates or you want to host a clinic at your barn please fill out the booking form to register your interest and we will contact you as soon as new dates become available.

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Comments from previous trim clinic participants

Just wanted to thank you so much for doing the clinic and look forward to seeing you again at the more advanced clinic. The visuals were excellent. CT

There were several very interesting areas that allowed me to understand more fully how this trim impacts on the overal health of the foot. The handouts were excellent - clear and concise. Very relaxed atmosphere. Thanks Jenny. RH

The handouts are a great resource for later reference. SJ

Great information - very useful handouts. MH

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