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Grazing Muzzle

Using a grazing muzzle is a very effective way of managing your horse's weight. However many people have a hard time using one as they percieve them as being cruel. Whilst I agree that they don't particularaly look nice, I think that they are definitely the lesser of two evils. Which is better: your horse or pony sulking a little but being pain free, or your horse or pony in extreme pain from laminitis induced by overeating sweet grass?

The sides are made with nylon webbing which allows the horse to be able to drink normally whilst it's on. The bottom is made of rubber and has a small hole in the middle through which grass can be eaten - a few blades at a time.

Give your horse the freedom to exercise and stay with their herd, instead of having to be locked up.

Shire's Grazing Muzzle

Made by Shires of England and features a rubber base and sides, with nylon web bars and a headpiece and throatlash to keep it in place.

  • adjustable, strong, and durable
  • rubber base and sides for greater comfort and durability
  • Straps that easily adjust to your horse's configuration for a comfortable fit
  • Size: Pony - Cob - Horse
  • Colors: Black
  • plus 100% Satisfaction Guarantee or Your Money Back
Available from Crazy Horse Tack and Gift Shop

Best Friend's Grazing Muzzle

This is a Best Friend's Grazing Muzzle and is available in two styles: Standard and Deluxe.

  • Limits grazing, not drinking
  • Fits most halters
  • Four-point breakaway system
  • Easy-on swivel clip
  • Padded noseband
  • Nylon/rubber construction
  • Resistant to rot and mildew
  • Easy to clean
Available from GregRobert's Horse Supplies - type in "grazing muzzle" in the search box at the top left hand side of the page when you get there.

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