Ultimate Equine Laminitis eBook

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This comprehensive equine laminitis eBook will enable you to discover the vital information you need to know to help your horse on the road to recovery.

This is THE reference book for all horse owners who are struggling to help their horses to recover from the devastating effects of laminitis and founder.

Written in clear, simple language that is easy to understand and implement for both beginners and experienced horse people alike.

It will guide you through the issues related to the laminitis and give you practical ways to prevent, treat and manage the laminitic equine using safe and effective, natural methods.

Now also available as a printed book.

With fourteen chapters presented in a logical order - plus full color photos and detailed high quality full color diagrams - this is the most professionally presented eBook available.

As a hoof care professional, I come across laminitis and founder on a frequent basis. I understand from both first-hand experience with my own horse and through witnessing my client's distress, just how scary it can be to find out your horse has laminitis.

It can be overwhelming to try and take it all in when you see your horse in so much pain especially when you get conflicting advice from so many different sources.

Whilst there are lots of great online resources for laminitis, it can be time consuming to try and pull all that information together to come up with a workable solution for your horse.

That is why I decided to write this book - to give you the information you need to make the right decisions and get your horse on the road to recovery as soon as possible.

Based on years' of experience and education it is a comprehensive resource for understanding laminitis and founder.

  • Learn the causes of laminitis and how you can prevent further attacks
  • Learn how to recognize the early signs and symptoms so that you stop it before serious damage occurs
  • Learn how to manage pain without inhibiting the healing process
  • Learn about the anatomy of the hoof and why hoof care is so important in combating this condition
  • Learn how to assess whether your hoof care professional understands the dynamics of restoring a foundered hoof back to health
  • Learn how best to feed your horse so as to halt the progression of laminitis
  • Learn practical ways to manage your horse's care so as to avoid future problems
  • Learn about the safest medical tests available to properly diagnose the cause of the laminitis
  • Learn how to make emergency hoof boots via step-by-step photos and instructions

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Finally a source for good information on identifying and managing laminitis! 

Jenny has done an excellent job compiling the best information on laminitis. 

This is the same information that has helped me help hundreds of horses, so I know it works. 
Thank you, thank you, thank you!  

I now have an easy to understand, trustworthy source of information for my clients. 

I will ask them all to buy your book, especially the ones who are dealing with possible Cushing's or Insulin Resistant horses.

Paige Poss
Founding member AHA
Member and Mentor of PHCP and AAPF Member

You have given us the information in a format that makes for understanding the disease, and the tools needed for the care and hopefully, prevention of laminitis.

I feel much more confident having this information.

Thank you so much Jenny, I appreciate all your hard work !

Judy Vanhorne, Horse Owner

Equine Laminitis is a well-thought-out, orderly presentation of methods used successfully by internationally-known hoof care and veterinary professionals, in the treatment and prevention of laminitis.

Jenny explains, in an easy-to-read fashion, tried and true methods of treating acute cases of laminitis, needing help right now.

She goes on to identify, and clearly explain management of chronic laminitis.

But more than that, she details sound, valuable management techniques needed to keep our horses safe from laminitic episodes in the first place.

The valuable, step-by-step advice given here is made even more understandable by the accompaniment of colourful, detailed illustrations and pictures.

Jenny's attention to detail, is in language which easily guides the reader to the best approach to address the situation at hand, be it acute laminitis, chronic laminitis, or the desire to avoid both.

Lorna Cane, Horse Owner

I just downloaded your e-book on laminitis and want to congratulate you for presenting the facts and solutions clearly enough for owners to understand.

You are doing a great service for all horses - a form of payback for all their years of service.

What I really wanted to gush about is that you've written this for owners so they can make the right choices.  I only wish I'd had this eight years ago....  heck, I had to become the help I was looking for when my horse foundered and, by the time I became that person, the damage had become irreversible.

EVERYTHING you suggest actually works = spot on!  I'm going to publicize this to my hoofmail list and ask them to keep the link to share with their friends when they hear of horses who are in trouble!  It's a MUST READ for every horse owner, and you can quote me!

Susanella, farriergodmother.com Hawaii