Easyboot Grip

The Easyboot Grip is basically the same boot as the Epic but with a much more aggressive tread pattern on the sole. It comes with the gaiter which makes them very secure on the hoof and much less likely to fall off and get lost.

They a designed purely for use in soft muddy conditions, wet grass and snow and should not be used on dry, hard surfaces.

The boots tighten using a cable and buckle system which allows numerous adjustments and the newer models have a stronger cable that resists fraying.

All the parts on the boot can be replaced should they break that means you will get many miles out of the boot.

The breakover isn't bad but can be improved by rasping the toe between the 10 and 2 o'clock positions.

Using pads in the boots helps stimulate the sole and frog and also helps secure the boot if it is a little loose on the hoof.

In 2013 Easycare introduced a number of new hoof boot models and stopped manufacturing the Easyboot Grip. Limited stock is available until they are sold out.


Ideally, the width and length measurement will fit into the same boot size. If the width and length measurements indicate different boot sizes, select the larger size. If the width and length measurements are different by more than one size, EasyCare hoof boots are not recommended.

4 3/8" - 4 9/16" (111-116mm)4 5/8" - 4 15/16" (118-124mm)
4 9/16" - 4 7/8" (117-123mm)4 15/16" - 5 1/8" (125-130mm)
4 7/8" - 5 1/8" (124-130mm)5 1/8" - 5 9/16" (131-140mm)
5 1/8" - 5 1/2" (131-139mm)5 9/16" - 5 15/16" (141-150mm)


These boots normally retail for approx $80 (US) each.

For cheaper prices check out Horse Supplies at GregRobert - type in "easyboot" in the search box at the top left hand side of the page when you get there.

Alternatively Ebay often has some great bargains - see right hand column for current deals.

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