Applied Equine Podiatry

KC La Pierre, RJF, MEP, PhD, is the developer of Applied Equine Podiatry (AEP) and the HPT (High Performance Trim) method™ . He has been a Registered Journey Farrier for 20 years, a horseman for over 30 years, as well as a traditional Journeymen Blacksmith.

KC founded the International Institute of Equine Podiatry, Inc. in 2000 with the aim of furthering the awareness of today's insightful horse owner, farrier, and veterinarian to the importance of proper equine foot care.

Applied Equine Podiatry is about firstly establishing balance with the HPT Method™ - which is his tool to achieving the correct stimulus for growth. However, exposing that foot to the proper environment is the key to success; it's what that foot is exposed to once it hits the ground that is important. AEP is about owner commitment and education. It's about looking at domestication differently, and being able to think laterally, out of the box. KC La Pierre's new science of hoof care is about changing how you look at your horse's environment, while providing the correct stimulus for growth. What AEP is built upon is a simple formula: Structure + Function = Performance.

AEP is based on KC La Pierre's own Suspension Theory of Hoof Dynamics© and his Internal Arch Theory©. His work is about providing a model and a method that both the farrier sciences, and alternative medicine practitioners can rely on. He balances to the fifth dimension!

His past experience with the Abaco wild barb horses of the Bahamas, provided research into the environmental effects on the once pristine hooves of these magnificent creatures. This research has been supportive to the practical application of AEP on the domestic horse.

"The essence of Equine Podiatry is the conscientious study of the equine foot, always striving to expose it to proper environmental stimuli, making every effort to promote proper structure and function, as we attempt to achieve high performance. It is accepting the facts that the horse has the innate ability to heal itself and that man's interference has caused imbalance and broken the golden rule of "Do No Harm"." KC La Pierre, RJF, MEP, PhD, 2002.

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