Rehab and Retirement Track System

by Anne-Charlotte de Chavanes
(Maxville, ON)

As both a body worker and hoof care professional, I cannot emphasize enough the importance of movement. The track system allows horses to move at their own pace, making it suitable for elderly and injured equines as well as sound ones. We're lucky yo live on sandy soil that drains well. The numerous feeding stations ensure that everyone has access to forage 24/7.

We currently have a small track for quarantine, short stays and when we need to keep a close eye on a horse. The larger track is for long term/permanent guests. Both tracks have several types of footing. The shelters' footing is stabilized (crushed stone) so that there is always a dry spot for the horses to stand on. We installed a safe and visible 5', 4-strand electric fence. There are 3-4 feeders (with nets) on each track as well as a clean water trough that is heated over the winter. We're in the process of building a small barn for special care and emergencies.

We grow our hay, but usually need to buy some as well. All hay is tested before being fed to ensure that ESC + starch are below 10%. A customized diet is included (minerals, supplements, additional sources of protein or fibre). We confirm our choices with nutritionists to ensure your equine is getting optimal nutrition as it is a cornerstone of health.

We're happy to give prescribed medication (short or long term) to your horse - as long as you provide it - as well as provide other special care and put on/remove fly masks, blankets, etc. We are insured and provide boarding agreements to ensure that your equine's needs as well as your own are taken into account.

Feel free to contact me for more information:
Anne-Charlotte de Chavanes - - 514-677-2670
Location: Maxville, ON
More information:

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