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All Natural Horse Care News, May 09
May 11, 2009

All Natural Horse Care News - May 2009

Launch of the ANHC Ebook:

The entire All Natural Horse Care website has been converted in to a downloadable, printer friendly ebook in pdf format. This enables offline reading and printing of the whole site (now over 100 pages) - much quicker if you are on dial-up. The interactive ebook features quick links sections and one-click navigation.

Click here for more information and details on buying the ebook plus download some sample pages to try before you buy.

Barefoot News:

Dr Robert Bowker's New Research Center
The Center has been created with the lofty goals of becoming one of "THE" globally recognized equine centers in learning, practicing, promoting and researching overall horse well-being through better nutrition, foot and whole body health and disseminating this information to the many horse-owners, farriers and barefoot trimmers and veterinarians around the world. These goals will be achieved, in part, through hosting "how-to" clinics of pertinent topics of routine horse health and well being geared towards the horse-owner of all ages and the veterinarian alike by invited local, national and international speakers.

Auburn University Research
Debra R. Taylor DVM, MS, DACVIM (Auburn University College of Veterinarian Medicine) is recording and studying the results of natural hoof care on chronic laminitis cases. Ivy and Pete Ramey are currently traveling to Auburn every 3 weeks to expand the preliminary study - hopefully to include 50 horses. The study has consistently shown rotation reversal, increased sole thickness and profound improvement in levels of soundness. Several case horses have also demonstrated reversal of distal descent of P3. The goal is to publish this data as a scientific paper; it would be the first time a successful method of reversing chronic laminitis has been published.

Great Websites to Check Out:

Training Horses Naturally
Training horses naturally combines clicker training and natural horsemanship methods to build a strong understanding of how horses perceive and communicate. But most of all you will strengthen your knowledge and confidence.

Your journey with us will take you to new heights of inspiration and awareness about horses, your well being and life.

The Soul of the Horse
This page showcases barefoot champions in many disciplines including racing, endurance, dressage, barrel racing, showjumping, showing and mounted police.

New ANHC Web Pages:

Horse Pictures - your chance to showcase your horse and share your natural horse care stories with the world. Submissions using the form on this page will create a whole new web page all about your horse!

Case Studies - new case studies added.

Good Hoof Photos - step by step page on how to take good hoof photos

Photo Consultations - need some advice or a second opinion on the condition of your horse's hooves? Find out how ANHC can help.

Show Your Appreciation For ANHC - if the information on the ANHC site has helped you and your horse please consider making a donation to keep the site going.

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