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All Natural Horse Care News, Nov 09
November 27, 2009

All Natural Horse Care News - Nov 2009

Launch of the Insulin Resistance & Cushings website

Equine Support and Research Group Celebrates Ten Year History and 8000+ Members New Web Site Launched - Success Stories Unveiled

Health, longevity and quality of life for horses is an ever increasing concern among owners. Whether acting proactively or trying to help an animal with a history of chronic health conditions, public awareness of equine metabolic syndromes and diseases is on the rise. An all volunteer, non-profit group rising to support horses and their owners, the Equine Cushing’s and Insulin Resistance Group is a beacon on the internet to reach that awareness.

For more information about PPID/Equine Cushing’s and Insulin Resistance on the web go to

No Bit Necessary

Who says you can't perform high level dressage in a rope halter... click here for the proof

Stay Safe

Hopefully - even if you can't quite perform to the level of the previous horse - your horse is well trained (using natural training methods of course!) and safe to ride, but for those odd occasions when something goes awry then this product looks interesting! HitAir vest

Just for fun

Would you like to create an web page dedicated to your horse and his/her story? It's really easy to do - just click on the link below and fill in the form and your horse will be featured on the ANHC website for all to see.

Horse having fun playing with a ball

Win a Coloring E-book Submit one of your colored-in pictures from our site for your chance to win a 30 page Horse Coloring E-book.

New ANHC Web Pages:

Horse Round Pens - round pen page

Hoof Cracks - new page about hoof cracks

ANHC Services

Photo Consultations - need some advice or a second opinion on the condition of your horse's hooves? Find out how ANHC can help.

Show Your Appreciation For ANHC - if the information on the ANHC site has helped you and your horse please consider making a donation to keep the site going.

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