New York - Sharon Springs - Hoofbeats Holistic Boarding

by Melissa Hatalsky
(Sharon Springs, NY)

A barefoot, whole horse approach

A natural alternative to traditional board, our facility provides a safe, unique Paddock Paradise environment that stimulates the horses' instincts of movement and herd behaviors that are essential for soundness and good health.

Hoofbeats Holistic began with an idea to create a place that would break the mold of traditional, conventional horse keeping and move forward toward helping domesticated horses live a more natural life. We are NOT a "rough board" facility, but rather, we have drawn upon the recommendations of natural equine expert Jamie Jackson to create a track system in which to care for our horses. We use the principles of Natural Horse Keeping to encourage movement, socialization and play, to achieve a higher state of equine health.

The "tracks” replace the traditional paddock. Tracks function by allowing the natural flow of horses in a herd to create movement as they satisfy their needs for food and water throughout the day. Water is in one location, while hay, salt and minerals are located elsewhere on the same track. As the herd moves between the hay and water, the engineering of the tracks creates a more natural rhythm and lifestyle. This rhythm allows us to keep horses domestically, while still respecting their needs for social interaction and movement.

Our facility has become a thriving Paddock Paradise. We are committed to considering the horse's mental, emotional and physical welfare in all facets of daily care. We aim to provide healthy and natural options for the

horse's environment, diet and healthcare needs. Additionally, we take seriously our commitment to supporting owners and the larger equine community with high quality information about holistic horse care and natural horsemanship. We enjoy sharing the lessons we have learned from the herd and gladly do tours by appointment.

Horses boarded with us benefit from a team of health care professionals who work together for the health of the whole horse. As a group we passionately believe in the natural paradigm and the whole horse approach to wellness and so, under our Full Board Package, Hoofbeats Holistic will provide the monthly maintenance hoof trims and once yearly dental and chiropractic visits to our clients.

At your discretion and per your horses needs, Hoofbeats staff will schedule, attend and coordinate communication and care for hoof trims, dentistry, and chiropractic appointments. Additionally, we are happy to coordinate care with a Homeopathic DVM and a Massage Therapist. Rest assured that we also have a close working relationship with a traditional DVM literally minutes away for emergency care should the need arise.

We invite all horses including retirees, and we especially welcome those with debilitating hoof issues like Navicular Syndrome, Laminitis, and other challenging health conditions. Our personal experiences with these issues inspired us to create our Paddock Paradise. Our successful outcomes have inspired us to share this environment with others.

Come home to Hoofbeats Holistic, where our quality care can free your schedule and ease your mind as we meet the needs of your horse....naturally.

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Nov 02, 2014
Everything I ever wanted for my horses...and more!!!
by: Leigh Neale

Moved my boys to Hoofbeats and couldn't be happier! Melissa and her team (including her husband George!) are beyond fantastic! I am like most horse owners--super picky and I have found Melissa and her team to be wonderful, caring and expertly knowledgeable in caring for my horses. I live almost 3 hours away and many people that know me couldn't believe I'd board my horses so far away from me but for me the quality of care and the love and nurturing that they receive every day from Melissa is total stress-free peace of mind. I go to bed every night knowing that my horses are happy, healthy and safe. I think every horse owner wants to know that when they can't be with their horses they are being well taken care of and I can say that my horses are in the best possible care. She does a thorough in-take and health assessment and cares for the horse' individual needs. At Hoofbeats it is all about the horses. I get updates on them any time I call, email or text. Melissa sends pictures, tells me about anything that might be happening with them (if they've made a friend, how their hooves are coming along, whatever). They grow their own hay, they have a small river for a "watering hole", a pond (which one of my boys loves to play in!) and a fabulous natural environment for them to just be horses.

Melissa, George, Geri, Jill & Wendy--thank you from the depths of my soul. My horses couldn't be in better or more capable hands. Thank you!!!

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